Go Green with Envy
(Our Environmental Policy)

social responsibility


Aspen Logistic Services is fully committed to environmental awareness and preservation. We have an active and ongoing "Green with Envy" program in place, which aims to further reduce carbon emissions emitted from our fleet, year after year.

This is achieved by reducing unnecessary kilometres driven, strict driver training programs, effective fuel savers installed on all vehicles, tyre management, fuel management, recycling, route planning, energy waste reduction, responsible disposal of paper trail and used fluids (hydraulic, coolants etc.). and recycling of consumables.

Aspen Logistic Services supports suppliers which have a focus on reducing their carbon footprint. Our trailer builders have embarked on a number of environmentally friendly innitiatives withion their facilities. We operate Thermo-King SLX refrigeration units which have taken enormous strides in reducing CO2 emmissions, as well as reducing fuel consumption and noise pollution. Environmental awareness is encouraged throughout out staff, facilitated via paper collections, bottle bans, centralized printers and an ongoing environmentally friendly awareness memorandum.

"We have a responsibility to ensure that we do everything in our power to protect our beautiful world. It does not matter how small the step as along as it is in the right direction." Aspen staff.